Letters received from BCCI – 21/10, 24/10 & 28/10

Letter from Secretary, BCCI concerning IPL Media Rights of 21.10.2016

Reply from President, BCCI to Committee’s email of 24.10.2016


Letter from Secretary, BCCI concerning Urgent Appointments of 28.10.2016


Letter from Secretary, BCCI concerning Domestic Season of 28.10.2016



4 thoughts on “Letters received from BCCI – 21/10, 24/10 & 28/10”

  1. Really Iam grateful to see the patience of Lodha committe and painful to see the attitude of BCCI.In a democratic set up,the system of Judiciary is on the highest pedal.Yet to come across such a situations where a money churning body,at the cost the dictum of the highest court ,making mockery of judiciary.Is it comprehensible a situation emanating wherein few individuals likely to remain as foolish bunch in the history of legal system flagrantly violating the ruling.When supreme court of law give a ruling,in an appeal preferred by the BCCI ,and say some local laws will come in way to implement?
    where the funds are sent by bcci to statebodies,and claim the state body is not adhering to BCCI(forgetting their stand on supreme court ruling),where is the fun of bcci running the state bodies. Are not the statebody BIGWIGS represent BCCI ?.who consists of BCCI other than state members. At least there shall be some rationale to to bcci in expressing its disability .
    The time given by Supreme court ,even on 21-10-2016 is running out.Better be realistic to the fact once wheels of justice start running ultimate result endsinjustice winning over lawlessness ,BCCI.

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  2. “You can continue with the tour at your cost and peril”, a BCCI official told the Hindustan Times. “It is up to the ECB if they want to continue with the tour,” he added.

    Can you believe the language? Clearly, the BCCI officials are trying to browbeat the English Team into abandoning the tour and going back, so that the endangered cricket administrators here can raise a hue and cry about “Judicial activism destroying cricket in India” and get public opinion in their favour.

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