Misleading Statements by BCCI Office Bearers [04.10.2016]

From: Gopal Sankaranarayanan<gsanks@gmail.com>
To: anurag@bcci.tv,
Ajay Shirke <a.shirke@bcci.tv>,
Anirudh Chaudhry <chaudhry@bcci.tv>,
Rahul Johri <rahul.johri@bcci.tv>
Date: Tue, Oct 4, 2016 at 5:54 PM
Subject: Misleading Statements made by BCCI Office Bearers

To: President / Secretary / Treasurer / CEO of BCCI,

This is with reference to the previous e-mail dated 3.10.2016 addressed to Secretary / Treasurer / CEO of BCCI with copies to YES Bank and Bank of Maharashtra and the subsequent press release/interviews by President/functionaries of BCCI.

It is unfortunate that the directions/contents of the e-mail have been misinterpreted, as is evident from the press reports to state that the present India-New Zealand series is at stake.

The Supreme Court Committee has not frozen the bank accounts of BCCI.  Nor has it objected to the banking operations/payments relating to routine administration and conduct of cricket matches/tournaments/activities. This has been clarified in express terms to the banks concerned, so that cricket and the public are not made to pay for the actions of the BCCI governors.

What was objected to was the decisions said to have been taken at the Emergent Working Committee meeting of BCCI on 30.9.2016, to disburse large funds to the various Member Associations under the guise of increasing the annual infrastructure subsidy and to divide the proceeds of the Champions League compensation. We understand that these may run into figures of more than Rs.500 crore. Such decisions were neither routine nor emergent.

The Committee is also surprised at the Press Statement attributed to the President of BCCI that if the recommendations of the Committee are implemented, BCCI will have to either abandon the plans to host the 10th edition of the IPL or pull the Indian Team out of the Champions Trophy to be held in England in June 2017. The out-of-context statement by the President is misleading. While dealing with IPL, the report had merely suggested that while drawing up the cricket calendar for a year, a gap of 15 days may be provided after a strenuous IPL season before the commencement of events in the National Calendar, to ensure that a cramped cricketing year does not take a toll on the cricketers’ body and longevity of their career. This does not in any way prevent some flexibility where the calendar has already been declared for 2017 when the Champions Trophy has already been scheduled.

Please send the minutes of the EGM/SGM dated 30.9.2016 & 1.10.2016 and the Emergent Working Committee meeting dated 30.9.2016 by tomorrow morning.

Yours sincerely,

Gopal Sankaranarayanan

Gopal Sankaranarayanan,
Secretary, Supreme Court Committee & Advocate, Supreme Court of India.



4 thoughts on “Misleading Statements by BCCI Office Bearers [04.10.2016]”

  1. Hon’ble Apex Court Appointed Committee,

    Respected Sirs,

    1 – Hats off to you all Hon’ble Justice and to Respected Secretary of your committee, for updating every correspondence / documents related to verdict and your committee on your this website and in public domain , this is called transparency to the fullest for every Indian to witness , everything is in black and white . Humbly request to the Hon’ble CJI India to mention this highest level of transparency in his order dated 6th October 2016 and thereby to set the precedent for BCCI and State Units to follow in future by updating each and every matter / aspect on BCCI and all state units website except selection matters. This is precise reason why BCCI and State units should be brought immediately under the ambit of RTI ( Right to Information).

    2- Excellent / majestic / prompt rebut through mail to BCCI for their false propaganda that your committee is interfering a lot and want to halt the cricket and you exposed BCCI bluff and threat to call off the ongoing series against New Zealand in order to evade themselves from falling in line in the implementation of the verdict in toto.

    3 – Why BCCI has not disclosed / updated their decision to disburse the BCCI reserves of huge money among themselves ( State Associations ) , on BCCI website on 30th September 2016 itself , the day of Emergent Working Committee meeting of BCCI on 30.9.2016. Reason of non disclosure can be well understood . Why BCCI and State Units are in hurry to clean up the reserves of BCCI Before 6th October 2016 , as they must have sensed their ouster as BCCI officials from BCCI due to the most likely order on 6th October 2016 by the Hon’ble Apex court to replace BCCI officials with Your committee to implement the verdict in toto in BCCI and all State Units within stipulated time and as your committee timeline / deadline .

    4 – As per media report – Hon’ble Justice Katju today tweet is self explanatory –

    BCCI officials should be tied naked and lashed, tweets Justice Katju
    TNN | Updated: Oct 4, 2016, 02.56 PM IST

    NEW DELHI: Former Supreme Court judge Markandey Katju, who was appointed by the BCCI to advise it on the Lodha Committee recommendations and who had termed the panel as “null and void”, has tweeted on the current board and its reaction to the verdict.

    “This treatment isn’t enough. Aisan na manahin. Lodha shud get BCCI officials tied naked to a pole & given 100 lashes each on their behinds” tweeted Justice Katju on Tuesday.

    5 – Again reiterate that The best way to make BCCI and State Units fall in line and make them adopt and implement the verdict in toto would be by deputing immediately Respected CAG of India to look into the each and every and all financial transactions of BCCI and State Units for last ten years for the highest level / standard of accountability and transparency.

    6- Our great nation “ India “ people are sensible enough to understand why BCCI and State units are creating all the hurdles in the way of implementation of the verdict in toto.

    Kindly leave no stone unturned in implementation of the verdict with the whole nine yards.



    1. At the out set it is to be noted, the meeting that was scheduled on 30-9-2016 is SGM with the sole agenda of discussion on Lodha committee recommednations.Wether it is still in there in for of joyful dicsussion of BCCI is ofcourse a different point.
      On that day it was claimed the meeting postponed on technical reasons to the following day.Howcome this money transfer in crores to happen and under what resolutions ,when the resolutions were passed,when there was no occasion to take up this issue.
      On 1-10-2016,SGM was attended by 30 members except Vidharba and all the proceedings came in press where there was acceptance of some and rejaction of some of Lodha committee reforms/ recommendations .Wether it is still in there in for of joyful dicsussion of BCCI is ofcourse a different point.

      So in all one meeting was perfectly held on 1-10-16,even according to BCCI.Admittedly no working committee meeting was held in recent times about enhaced funds disbursement.Also there can be any dispute,that there shall be an agenda regarding policydecisions ,in a working committee meeting with a proper agenda served to working committee members.Admittedly on 21-9-2016 no policy decision can be taken as it is SGM where a fixed agenda was discussed ,and in fact except involving in selecting Senior,junior,and women committee as well as Shirke assuption as secretary the AGM did not deal with policy/financial decision.
      The Report of Lodha committee was filed mentioning the devolopments in BCCI,in Supreme court on 27-9-2016 and the matter is slated for hearing on 6-10-16.
      In the course of these developments,when and where the BCCI could get nod to
      1.release around 1650 crores to State units2.release the money returned by Star tv ,to state units3.declaration to pay 15 lacks to each test,to the players4.stop the on going international series abruptly.
      BCCI claim that it is committed to the game of cricket,is it the way to stop the activity at the cost of the reputaion of the country,and who told you not to spend money for the fitures those were made long back,BCCI cannot now be back with the present office bearers under any circumstances.Hope wisdom prevail on them,all resign with all dignity


    2. Sir ,we need a clarity whether the EC members are part of OFFICE BEARERS , In local Associations EC members are elected by the members of the association, they are the one who have been part for so many irregularities of accounts and involved in so many other non ethical works, if EC members are not included in office bearers they will life long prefer to be in EC ( none of the below points imply on them )and there is a chance/scope of this people to do the mischief again and the whole purpose of cleaning the system is defeated.
      1. There is a direction that any office bearer who has served more than 9 years cannot contest again in his life time.
      2. Anyone who has crossed 70 years cannot contest.
      3. A cooling period of 3 years is a must.



      1. so far as my opinion is concerned,herein after there are only five office bearers called as Apexbody.those are President,vice president,secretary,jointsecretary and tresurer from the district associations only,as we have to say goodbye to social clubs and recreation clubs . The clubs will remain associate members with no voting rights.there by no executive committee as such will be there in statebody or BCCI.kindly see paragraph 33and 63 of the supreme court judgement dt18-7-2016.this opinion is subject to correction by leaned readers


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