Directions to the States on Funds [4.10.2016]

from: Gopal Sankaranarayanan<>
To: All State Associations
date: Tue, Oct 4, 2016 at 5:50 PM
subject: Directions of the Supreme Court Committee – Funds from BCCI

Dear Sir,

It has come to the notice of this Committee that despite the express directions of the Committee and the Timelines framed by it, the BCCI (of which your association is a Member) has taken decisions at the AGM of 21.9.2016 and the ‘Emergent’ Working Committee of 30.9.2016 to disburse large funds to each Association, without framing the Disbursement Policy which was mandatory.

It is further learnt that amounts between Rs.10-20 crore were disbursed to each Association as infrastructure subsidy and Rs.28 crore as compensation shares from the Champions League T-20 cancellation. The banks confirm that most of these transactions were hurriedly carried out by RTGS between 29th September and 1st October.

You are aware that a Status Report has been filed before the Supreme Court for certain directions and that will be taken up for hearing on 6th October 2016. In this light of events, as the actions of the BCCI to transfer these funds is contrary to this Committee’s directions and sub judice, you are hereby directed not to in any way transfer or disturb those funds that have been transferred as above to your association. If anything is done contrary to this express direction, it will be brought to the knowledge of the Hon’ble Supreme Court for appropriate orders on contempt.

Yours sincerely,

Gopal Sankaranarayanan

Gopal Sankaranarayanan,
Secretary, Supreme Court Committee & Advocate, Supreme Court of India.


5 thoughts on “Directions to the States on Funds [4.10.2016]”

  1. What about the associations where the life members are cricket clubs, cricketers and non cricketers. Who all can contest, who can vote.


  2. as per the FAQ as answered by on 6-8-2016(date is subject to correction) Lodha committee as put on board,all the state bodies shall also fall in line as per Lodha committee reforms,and if the statebody is to be affiliated to BCCI.So there shall be only two types of members ie permanent members and associate members.In view of the directions of supreme court unless there is implementation of reforms down the lane allthrough,the reforms are as good as negated,if iam correct in profounding the rule of law


  3. Weste of time to supreem court
    i hope it suprem court as a since
    but yesterday dicison as supreem court transparency used

    lots of players strugle there as a power of secretaries

    Plz justies dont loos ur finala judgement , i want us justies


  4. Life Members are the members who can take advantage of the sops provided by the Association. For example free tickets, free use of premises if there is a club then free use of the club and its facilities. Not all life members are cricket lovers. Most of them are made by the committee members to bolster their votes.

    Cricket is run by clubs. Again not a letter head club. The club should be made compulsory to play all the tournaments and to organise tournaments. Only those clubs should be given voting powers. They will vote for the MC only through heir Office Bearers.

    In that matter the Goa CA constitution is quite in sync with the life members problem. They vote for only life member, who is their candidate. The life Member then becomes the MC member with voting rights. Fair enough. The life members voice is heard.


  5. Hon’ble Apex Court Appointed Committee,

    Respected Sirs,

    1- BCCI officials and State associations have played enough of hide and seek business and have been defiant in implementing the Hon’ble Apex court verdict .

    2- More than 3 months have passed by out of total 6 months to implement the verdict in toto by BCCI and state associations but they have not moved millimeter .

    3- It is highly disappointing that Hon’ble Apex court verdict has not appointed administrators in BCCI and state associations to ensure the implementation of verdict as per your committee 2 timelines , might be they want to give BCCI officials last and final chance to fall in line .

    4- As per order dated 22.10.16 , BCCI has to file compliance and adoption affidavit before 3rd December 2016 and have to file affidavit before your committee within 2 weeks from 22.10.16 stating compliance and adoption of verdict in toto by 3rd December 2016 else most likely the Hon’ble Apex court may appoint administrators and may initiate contempt of court against BCCI and state associations office bearers .

    5 – BCCI within hours of Hon’ble Apex court order date 22.10.16 have shoot letter / mail to your committee for clearance of IPL tender process slated to be opened on 25 10.16.

    6 – On one side BCCI is not bothered to implement the law of the land verdict and on the other hand , they are in hurry to get your nod for IPL bid process .

    7 – It is expected that your committee will first of all ask BCCI and state associations to implement the verdict in toto as per your 2 timeline first and there after only your committee should give green signal for IPL bid process as there are still 2 years to go for IPL bid process.

    8 – Kindly halt IPL and all other financial bids of BCCI and sate units , enough is enough , your committee should not leave any stone un turn for the 100% implementation of Verdict as per your 2 timelines .

    9 – Kindly get BCCI and all state associations accounts re audited for last 10 years from CAG India .

    10 – “ Tab ayega oot pahar ke niche “



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