Status Report with Annexures [28.9.2016] – Pdf format






4 thoughts on “Status Report with Annexures [28.9.2016] – Pdf format”

  1. Iam greatly happy to see the prompt action initiated by the steering committee of Apex court,and this non compliance report of Judgement by BCCI will enable the committee, by Apex court to go ahead with its solemn duty of transmitting the BCCI from old to Gold.Times have come with heavy hands aganist BCCI,otherwise inspite of the fact more than two months have been copleted,there was neither responce nor respect by bunch of power mongers,who claims they are indespenslble.Sorry the stae of affairs shall change in BCCI and Statebodies


    1. Mohandas i request to plz reply sir

      District election are there are not

      In elections district associaition when date there do election


  2. Sir,
    I am a Ex first Class Player and working as Class-II officer in a Central Government Organization. Can I contest the election of office bearer in a state association, of course, with the consent of my department.
    Further,Lodha Committee has recommended that no proxy votes in the elections. MPCA is having individual as well as Institutional voters. Institutional Voters consists of Various divisional Head quarters of Madhya Pradesh like Indore, Bhopal, Gwalior etc. will the President/Secretary of the Division allow to vote.
    thanks and Regards.


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