Email to BCCI [31.08.2016]

from:Gopal Sankaranarayanan

to:Rahul Johri
cc:Ajay Shirke, Anurag Thakur

date:Wed, Aug 31, 2016 at 8:43 PM

subject:Directions from the Supreme Court Committee

Dear Mr.Johri,

Thank you for the arrangements made by you for the meeting of the Committee on Sunday, 28th August.

At this meeting, the Supreme Court Committee has taken certain decisions, which require action from your end on behalf of the BCCI. In this regard, I am called upon to issue the following directions to you which require compliance.

  1. As per the first Compliance Report submitted by the Secretary BCCI, it was stated that an AGM of the BCCI is proposed to be called on 21.9.2016 to transact ‘routine business’. The Committee now directs that this AGM be limited only to routine business concerning the past year (2015-2016), and that any business or matters relating to the next year (2016-2017) be dealt with only after the adoption of the MoA and Rules as per the recommendations of the Committee in accordance with the same.
  1. At the meeting with the Secretary BCCI on 9th August 2016, specific directions were given to ensure that all bids, tenders and contracts entered into by and on behalf of the BCCI after 18.7.2016 are to comply with the requirements of the recommendations in the Report effective from the date of the Supreme Court judgement itself. You are directed to send us the status of compliance with such norms of all such bids, tenders and and contracts entered into by and on behalf of the BCCI after 18.7.2016. Please ensure that this is sent by 3.9.2016.
  1. A Second Set of Timelines have been concluded by the Committee for the implementation by the BCCI and the State Associations. These are attached to the present email and you are directed to forward the same to all the State Associations by 3.9.2016. Kindly send us a line in confirmation once this is done.
  1. You are to send us the contact details including email addresses of the State Associations and their principal Office Bearers (President and Secretary) by 1.9.2016. The same is awaited.

I might remind you that the judgement of the Hon’ble Supreme Court says as follows with reference to the role of those to whom directions are issued by the Committee:

“92. Needless to say that the BCCI and all concerned shall cooperate and act in aid of the Committee and its directives. Should any impediments arise, the Committee shall be free to seek appropriate directions from this Court by filing a status report in that regard.”

The Committee has also recorded certain decisions in accordance with the directions of the Hon’ble Supreme Court which are recorded in a Supplementary Report that is annexed to this mail. This would require certain rectifications to be carried out to the Rules and Regulations before they are formally adopted by the BCCI. This would also have application to the disqualifications of Office Bearers at the State Associations.

For further details and clarifications, reference may be made to

Yours sincerely,

Gopal Sankaranarayanan


Supreme Court Committee



5 thoughts on “Email to BCCI [31.08.2016]”

  1. Mail dated 31st August 2016 by Hon’ble Apex court appointed committee to BCCI , posted on 18th September 2016 on , is a alarming bell and clear indication by the committee to BCCI that they should stick to routine business of year 2015-2016 in their BCCI AGM on 21st September 2016 and if they transact any business for the next year 2016-2017 in that AGM then it appears that committee will immediately file the status report in the Hon’ble Apex court most likely in September 2016 itself , thereby may be enabling them to pass the order of contempt of court on BCCI officials and may be on state units officials too and also to appoint Adhoc Panel to implement the verdict fully in BCCI and State Units as per the different timelines and deadlines issued by the committee within the stipulated time, since till as on date, no stay is granted on the Hon’ble Apex court verdict dated 18th July 2016.

    Although , already 2 months out of 6 months a passed by and BCCI & State units have not even moved a Centimeter in implementing the 2 timelines and deadlines issued by the committee hence Committee must be following the BCCI AGM due on 21st September 2016 very closely and it is expected that they will fire from all cylinders since it is high time now and they will not allow even a single day delay from 21st September 2016 onwards . BCCI and state units have to fall in line from 21st September 2016 .

    Whole India and whole world is looking at Hon’ble Apex court of India and its appointed committee for the time bound implementation of verdict dated 18th July 2016 in toto in BCCI and its State Units thereby to uphold the sanctity of the verdict .



    1. Hon’ble Apex Court Appointed Committee,

      Respected Sirs,

      BCCI has uploaded the Decisions / Resolutions passed in their AGM held today dated 21st September 2016, Mumbai, 21 September 2016, 15:50 IST ,

      The following decisions were taken in the meeting –

      1. The audited statement of accounts for the year ending 31st March 2016 and the budget for the year 2016-17 were approved.

      2. Mr. Ajay Shirke was unanimously elected as the Hony. Secretary of the BCCI for the remaining part of the term.

      3. The All-India Senior Selection Committee (Men & Women) is as following –

      Senior Selection Committee –

      MSK Prasad – Chairman -Gagan Khoda, Sarandeep Singh, Jatin Paranjpe , Devang Gandhi

      Junior Selection committee-

      Venkatesh Prasad – Chairman – Rakesh Parikh, Aashish Kapoor, Amit Sharma, Gyanendra Pandey

      Women’s Selection Committee –

      Hemlata Kala – Chairperson , Shashi Gupta , Anjali Pendharkar , Lopamudra Banerjee, Sudha Shah

      4. The Working Committee, Standing Committee and Special Committees elected in 2015-16 were continued with vacancies being filled where necessary.

      5. As the term of Justice AP Shah, Ombudsman, appointed at the last AGM has come to an end, the House authorized the President and Hony. Secretary to appoint Ombudsman for the year 2016-17.

      6. Lt. Anurag Singh Thakur, President – BCCI, would represent BCCI in the International Cricket Council (ICC) and Asian Cricket Council (ACC).

      Mr. Sharad Pawar was nominated as the alternate director for ICC meetings.

      Mr. Ajay Shirke, Hony. Secretary – BCCI, will represent BCCI in the CEC meeting of the ICC.

      7. The House approved the proposal to take possession of alternate land offered by the Karnataka Government in lieu of the earlier land, which was allotted but not handed over at Bengaluru. The House also accepted the proposal of land being offered by the government of Himachal Pradesh in Dharamsala for the development of facilities for NCA.

      8. The emergent Special General Meeting of the BCCI will be held on 30th September 2016 at 11 AM IST at the BCCI headquarters, Mumbai to consider the amendments to the rules and regulations of BCCI as recommended by Hon’ble Justice Lodha Committee.


      With this concluded AGM , BCCI has openly dared to flout and defiant the timelines / directives issued by your committee to the fullest on following grounds –

      1 – BCCI dared to transact business matters related to the next year 2016-2017 despite of your committee mail dated 31st August 2016 to BCCI CEO, President and Secretary .

      2 – Your committee has given directives that there is compulsory cooling period between each tenure of 3 years at State Unit and in BCCI Office bearers to be elected but BCCI dared to elect again Mr Ajay Shirke as BCCI Secretary without any cooling period of 3 years .

      3 – Hon’ble Apex court verdict dated 18th July 2016 clearly stated to have 3 selectors for Senior and 3 for Junior but BCCI dared to appoint 5 selectors each instead of 3 in each selection committee. In senior selection committee criterion was minimum test player to be the selector but BCCI dared to appoint two non test players , namely Mr Gagan Khoda and Mr Jatin Paranjpe . ( All 5 senior selectors have played approximately 13 tests and 38 One day international In all )

      4 – As per media reports , None of the State units have taken any step to amend their MOA/ Bye-laws by 30th September 2016.

      5 – Every time press release / post on BCCI website is in the name of BCCI Honorary Secretary but this time it is with BCCI .

      Expected that Your committee will immediately null & void all the 2016-2017 year decisions of this BCCI AGM and with all guns blazing will uphold the sanctity of Hon’ble Apex Court verdict dated 18th July 2016 by filing the status report and may be requesting Adhoc body comprising of Hon’ble Justice Lodha committee or committee comprising of Mr Mohinder Amarnath , Mr Bishan Singh Bedi , Mr Kirti Azad , Mr A.C . Muthiah to implement the Verdict in toto as per the timelines / deadlines within the stipulated time in BCCI and its all state units.

      Whole world and India is keenly waiting for your swift , immediate and stern action .



      1. Hon’ble Apex Court Appointed Committee,

        Respected Sirs,

        As per media reports today at around 5.10 PM 26th September 2016 , your committee has very rightly decided to file first status report against BCCI and State Units in the Hon’ble Apex Court tomorrow 27th September 2016 for failure and Flouting verdict dated 18th July 2016 and non implementation of your committee timelines and deadlines by BCCI and State Units .

        Almost two and half month have passed by and still BCCI and Sate Units have not moved a millimeter towards implementation .

        As per Media reports ,adding fuel to the fire now , some Ex Legend Cricketers have become mouth piece of the BCCI and are terming your committee recommendation as “ harsh “ , first of all it is to be noted that they are paid very hefty amount by BCCI annually and for last many years , for their different assignments in connection with BCCI, they should have become the intervenor in the Hon’ble Apex Court like other State Units , to put their point of view , Why they are questioning the verdict now ,they must not forget that your committee is appointed to implement the verdict and to negotiate .

        It is general perception in the public that the most powerful , influential , rich and Cozy club of BCCI and State Units will not implement the verdict unless and until the Hon’ble Apex Court forms Adhoc committee at BCCI and all sate units with immediate effect.

        BCCI and State units can not pick and choose or alter the clauses of the verdict as per their convenience , liking and comfort , they have to implement in toto as per the verdict and your committee timeline / deadline . They must realize the fact that “ their inning is over and there is no second inning “ .

        BCCI and State units have openly dared to disrespect , flout , disobey the verdict of Hon’ble Apex Court , where many of the Parliamentarians of India are holding office Bearer post in BCCI and State units, they are setting very bad precedent for Indian young generation by openly defying the verdict of Hon’ble Apex Court , when as the Parliamentarians of India , they themselves makes the Law in the Parliament .

        Now , It is all upto your committee and the Hon’ble Apex Court to pass the severest order for the immediate implementation of the verdict fully , as per your committee timeline / deadline to withhold the sanctity of the verdict, else tomorrow any tom , dick and harry will not follow any verdict of the highest legal authority of India and this may end up in mockery of Judicial system in India .



  2. The Lodha Committee has to be complimented for their actions. It was high time that the Special General Meeting to amend the constitution was called by the State Associations. If we go backwards from Nov 15 which is the deadline for elections of State Associations, the considering 15 days notice, the date of notice would be 30/31 October. before that the Election officer has to be selected and that should be done on 15th October.

    Before that the MOA has to be amended and for that the 30 Sept date is impossible. At least 21 days notice to be given even taking 14th Oct as the Meeting date 23/24th Sept should be the notice date to the members.

    For that only 5 days are remaining and there is no tangible evidence that our a
    Association is anywhere close to calling such a meeting.

    Then What?


  3. Hon’ble Apex court appointed committee ,

    Respected Sirs,

    BCCI on their website has not uploaded August 2016 payments above 25 Lacs till date, 19 September 2016 – BCCI Payments above Rs 25 lacs ( August, 2016) , ( Not uploaded / updated )

    Kindly take a note of it .



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