Email to State Associations [2.9.2016]



3 thoughts on “Email to State Associations [2.9.2016]”

  1. Excellent work by the Honorable Apex court appointed committee , there is some ambiguity in second time line issued on 31 august 2016 in point number 3 & 4.

    with reference to report page number -54 , Page no – 136 point number 33( 3 ) ,Page no – 106 point number – 8 ( 3 ) ( g ) , all the standing committee & all the cricket committee has to be appointed in BCCI & State Units AGM itself then its timeline to be alongwith BCCI AGM dated 15 December 2016 , also appointment of representatives will be in AGM itself in page no – 107 point number – 8 ( 3 ) ( j )

    & similarly for state units also, all the standing committee & all the cricket committee has to be appointed in state units AGM till 15 November 2016.

    Kindly take note of it & do the needful.



  2. In the Andhra Cricket Assicitaion
    So far activity in accordance with Suprme court guide lines are kept in abayence .Kindly intiate by directing ACA to come forward by naming ineligible clubs&eligible Districts


  3. Kindly confirm ,
    As per media reports presently no state unit of BCCI is following Hon’ble Apex court appointed committee 2 timelines , First , dated 9th August 2016 ( Point number 2- 9 , 11 ) & Second , dated 28th August 2016 ( Point number – 1 & 4 ) and mail dated 2nd September 2016.
    In such a case , as per media reports , where already almost 2 months from in all 6 months have passed by , now Hon’ble Apex court appointed committee in its next meeting dated 26th September 2016 may decide to file status report in Hon’ble Apex court in last week of Sept 2016 so that Hon’ble Apex court may pass the immediate order appointing Hon’ble Justice Lodha Committee as adhoc panel to implement the verdict in BCCI & its State Units as per the timelines given by the committee by having their temporary office at BCCI Headquarter In Cricketing Centre Mumbai.
    Since there is no stay granted on the verdict till now hence committee will leave no stone un turn to implement & safe guard the sanctity of the verdict in toto & will take all the necessary & quick action under the direction & guidance of Hon’ble Apex court .
    Time is running away but sadly inaction of BCCI & its state units to implement the timelines will only allure to further & unnecessary trouble for them . “ There is no second inning “ .


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