Directions to State Associations [20.7.2016]



8 thoughts on “Directions to State Associations [20.7.2016]”

  1. Dear Sir,

    At the outset, I would like to introduce myself as S.Srinivason, former Cricketer, having represented Tamil Nadu and Railways in the National Championship for Ranji Trophy & also represented Central Zone. Apart from the above, my credentials includes being a BCCI match referee and also a NCA level A coach.

    I would like to have the following clarifications from you:

    1. Are the First class cricketers eligible to become members of Cricket Players Association of BCCI and State cricket Associations.And What are the norms fixed to become a member of CPA of BCCI and State Associations.

    2. When will the MOA and By Laws of CPA will be formed.

    3. Will the CPA also be formed in Districts Associations.

    4. Tamil Nadu Cricket Association election was held on 25th June 2016. And the judgement was on 18th July 2016. But with the previous By Laws elections was held. And lot of Changes have to be done with the Amendments. But still they are running the Association without moving forward. Selection committees were nominated and the process of selections have started. Kindly clarify whether they are eligible to run the Association.

    5. And in All the Districts Associations in Tamilnadu the same set of Office Bearers are in variuos posts for decades. This is where young and budding cricketers emerge. And lot of manipulations are done in Districts Association level. Kindly clarify whether these Amendments should be followed by Districts Association also. My humble request is implement at District Associations also.

    6. In Tamil Nadu Cricket Association there are 31 Districts and 1 Chennai District. The voting rights are for 31 Districts and 150 city clubs { 1 Chennai District } plus 11 office bearers. this is not fair. It should be 1 District 1 Vote like yo have 1 State 1 Vote. Here in this case there are 150 votes from 1 Chennai District. Kindly clarify this also.

    I humble request you to clarify the above at the earliest.





    1. As you expressed your anguish,let me first tell you that the players association shall be formed in the interest of the devolopment of cricket in the state.The associationshall be formed at the cost of State associations,And the nominee or the representative elected by the players association will be a member of State unit.
      Coming to the state of affairs in the Statebodies there is no different bodies any where in our country,except the everlasting members of their families,henchmen,proxyies.
      As found by the Lodha Committee in its sittings all over the country,the BCCI and Statebodies are run by the lnterested people from decades together,with social clubs are holding key roles to vote the office bearers to power continuously decades to gether,for example Niranjashaw for the last 22 years representing Sourashtra,if iam not wrong.Kapildev was necked out of Haryana statebody by son of Bansilal,when he tried to enter HCA.
      So the Supremecourt judgement is a boon.If Supreme court could not intervene no power on earth will claeanse BCCI and statebodies.The change is not faraway.the Lodha committee has come up with time bound changes.Still BCCI and Statebodies are averse to implement the Supreme court judgement.They are going for headon collision with Supreme court.
      In fact by 26th Sep all the statebodies are expected to submit the permanent members list and draft bye-laws to BCCI for onward submission to Lodha committee.In our states the social clubs playing dominant role to promote the bigwigs,have to give divorce even by now.Herin after the clubs which have no teritorial dominance cannot be be a voter in state body but remain as associate member as per Lodha reforms.So your 152 districts are alone permanent members.Only districts are permanent members and you know 70+,9 years tenure as office bearer in any capicity,clubs and 3 years as term of office shall come into play.Only 5 officebearers ie president,vice-president,secretary,joint-secretary and tresurear called as Apexbody.
      If BCCI or Statebodies cannot implement,the Lodha committee will comeforward,take the reins for implementation of Supreme court judgement in BCCI and Statebodies


      1. It is not 152 districts. It’s 32 districts including chennai district. These 150 city clubs should come under 1 district that is chennai district. And chennai district will have 1 vote. Like 1 state 1 vote it should be 1 district 1 vote.


    2. Further,without a change in the grassroot levels that is in the districts,in implementing the Lodha reforms the very reforms remain cosmotic.You cannot have an office bearer of 70+ in adistrict as after all ,the districts are alone permanent members herein after.Like that he,who holds or held office in Districts for 9 years cumilativly or continously shall never become office bearer herein after.So the members entrenched in the districts decades together shall leave the post of office of any nature.any of efforts to remain in the District ever possible in differernet colour of office, will never be possible as ther will be ethicsofficer,Ombudsman and election officer who are all retd judges of High court or Supreme court.Just visualise how great the changes will be,pure cricket.No one can hold office more than 3 years continuoussly ,has to wait for 3 years again to come to office,which cannot be beyond 3 terms in all.Than only members will realise there is nothing permanent as such till they enjoyed till now.


  2. Iam advocate practicing Lawyer in state of Andhra&till 2015in our state assocition.It is not my personal view but my appreciation of Lodha reforms as well as Supreme court judgement. Ian confident of my views,still you can have cross check with eminent lawyers in your state.


  3. pls publish the address of ombudsman and ethic officer in the bcci website as per the supreme court it is must so pls do that first . also please direct the deloitte report to be published in the end you tell transparency other nothing is transparent .also the comment made by others whether it is applicable for district unit pls do clarify that too.


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